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Is Jesus Enough?

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What are You Counting on?


Imagine fo2710061302_3fcc29260c_zr a moment, that I came to your place for a visit. As I stepped into your place, you would be rather shocked to find that not only was I wearing a hat, but I was carrying a hammer with several nails! Somewhat alarmed, you would say, “What do you want in here with that!” Oh, I would say, I don’t trust the hook you have for my hat! So I brought a hammer and a few nails to hammer in beside the hook, just to make sure that my hat will be secure! You would reply, “But sir, my hook is large and well secured!” No matter, I would argue, I just want to make certain that it will not fall!


How do you feel about your future? Are you 100% assured that you will enter God’s holy Heaven? Might it be that you are using the “hammer and nails” approach in your spiritual life? Please take a few minutes and read how your life can be free from pounding in all these “nails,” and feel completely secure spiritually!

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World’s Biggest Scam

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Billions Affected by Scam


Imagine – the most enormous, well orchestrated scam in the universe…No, it is not a financial scam. Neither is it a political scam. Yet, it is a scam that has affected humanity250233963_ba146d059c_b from its outset and still does today! It involves in particular, one lie. This lie has been the respecter of no border, no people group, or culture. It has pervaded every corner of our planet! Billions upon billions of people have bought into this mega scam! So, what is this scam, you wonder?  Well, let’s take a look…

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Does Good Outweigh Bad?

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How good is good enough?

That my good can make up for my bad, is a belief commonly held throughout our planet. Yet, how much good do you think you would have to do to offset the bad you’ve done? How much bad would you have to have done to be considered too bad to have any hope? Is there in fact any biblical ground for one being too bad a sinner to be forgiven? Also, is there any truth to the idea that one can be good enough to be accepted into Heaven?2941655917_cd7626cff3_z

What about in our society? For example, someone commits a heinous crime. It goes to court, but the court just says, “Don’t do it again,” and sets the crook free. What does the populace say to such? It says, “We want justice!” How then do we think God will judge us?

How about a beverage you might consume? Let’s say you’re having a bottle of water. How much poison would one have to add, before you would say, “I’m not drinking that!”

Let us now open up our Bibles and see what God has to say on this all important matter…

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Woman Caught in Adultery Freed by Jesus

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In An Adulterous’ Shoes


Think of the woman who was caught in the act. What do you think she felt like? What would you feel like? Here a group of religious zealots descend upon her. They’re all pointing their accusing fingers at her, and hollering, “You’re gonna die for your10626326285_6740cbfb3d_z sin now, you wicked woman! We’re bringing you to Jesus now!” Just imagine, here you’re being hustled along by a bunch of men, determined to use you to put Jesus to the test, in order that they might point the finger at Him too! You know that you’re guilty! There’s no arguing what you’ve done. You’re hanging your head in shame, fearing what the outcome of this is going to be. Will they stone me to death? What will Jesus say? All these thoughts are pouring through your mind, as you’re led off to meet Jesus. Finally, they place you in a throng of people – before Jesus. You’ve just become the spectacle in the crowd! All eyes are fixed on you. Your “dirty little secret,” has just been made public! What will the verdict be? Will you be sentenced to death by stoning, or not? What will Jesus say? For, according “to the Law Moses” would say  “to stone such women.” (John 8:5)

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Trying to Be a Christian?

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Perhaps, at some point in your life, you came to the realization that you didn’t like the directio149102543_6c72f0e457_zn your life was headed. Maybe at this point you decided that you needed to change for the better. This might have involved getting rid of certain habits in your life and attending church. Whatever the case, you felt the need to straighten out your life. Then again, you might only recently have come to see that you don’t like the way things are in your life, and you want change! Yet, how successful have you been in this endeavor? Has it been frustrating? How does God look at your attempts? How good does God want me to live? Well, we’re going to figure these things out today, and find the answers for a life of true freedom, joy, and peace! So let us get on with it!

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Signs of the Times and The Great Tribulation

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The Word of God speaks of a culture where, “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 17:6b) With a certainty, this is an attitude that is pervasive in today’s society around the world! We live in a time where it is vogue to say, “For me this is right. You also do what seems right to you, but let us not judge each other!” This is a world that calls itself, “modern6575229191_bb28926d95_o.” Yet, it is a people who has rejected their Creator-God! Listen now to what God has to say on this matter! For it is written, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” (Proverbs 16:25) Indeed, the world has said, “I don’t need God! I know better than God does! I will live as I want to, and don’t you dare judge me for it!” I ask you therefore, are there consequences for the choices we’ve made and things we’ve done that are an offense to our Creator-God’s holiness? Will our Creator-God withhold the judgement He has spoken of forever? I ask too, do you truly realize the grave danger that you have put yourself into?

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