Month: March 2016

Have You Been Justified?

The Gospel



Justification Defined


I wonder, have you understood this most important biblical term? Now, in the time we live in, we would use this word in this context: “Ca9555403104_96c4bdd075_zn you justify your actions?” By this we would mean, “Can you come up with a reasonable explanation to support the actions you took?” Either that, or, “Can you prove why it was a right course of action that you took?” However, when we move into the biblical realm, we have a different definition. It means to declare one righteous or innocent. Kenneth S. Wuest writes, “Justification in the Bible sense therefore is the act of God removing from the believing sinner, his guilt and the penalty incurred by that guilt, and bestowing a positive righteousness, Christ Jesus Himself in whom the believer stands, not only innocent and uncondemned, but actually righteous in point of law for time and for eternity.” (1)

Say, for example, a person is caught stealing. This person is then brought before the judges of the land and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Once this person has served their 5 year sentence, one would say that the person is justified. They have paid the penalty for their crime and can no longer be tried and sentenced for it.

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God’s Free Gift For You!

The Gospel



Now, I don’t think there are too many of us who don’t like getting something for free! I’m sure we’ve all received gifts from others and given 6510934443_8bd2942b79_zgifts to people as well! I would think that the majority would have fond memories of having received gifts from others, and even in giving them! Well, God also, has a gift for you – the greatest gift ever given! Are you ready to receive God’s “free gift”?!

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Making Sense of Sanctification

Christian Life



Sanctification may seem like a boring, theological topic,but let me assure you that it is not! Not only that, but it is so vital to understand it properly! For this subject has been the cause of mass confusion and erroneous ideas! The question is, are we sanctified “once and for all,” or is this an ongoing process? Let’s dig in!

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Growing Up Mennonite

My Testimony



I’d like to share with you a little of my background and how God rescued me from a discouraging life!


A Mennonite Boy Joins the Church


To begin with, my mother grew up in a colony in Mexico until she was around the age of 12. At this time her parents decided to move back to Canada. However, my father grew up in Canada and both of them attended Mennonite churches all their lives. I too, grew up underneath this “umbrella.”5869151039_7a8d170cf9_z


So what was my life like growing up underneath this “umbrella”? Well, I remember attending church one Sunday and having a teacher in the Sunday School tell us that if we wanted to go to Heaven, we should “invite Jesus into our heart.” I simply figured, if the church says it, it must be right! So when I got home, I did just that! I never even told my own mother. I just assumed that all was well. When I was around the age of 13, my mother asked me if I was a Christian? I said, “Yes,” and that was the end of the conversation. Later in my teens, my mother would ask me if I would ever listen to rock music? I told her, “No.” It was also around this time that a Sunday School teacher introduced our class to porn. Upon turning 15 years of age, it seemed popular to be baptized by sprinkling. So I took some church classes and was baptized by sprinkling. Thus I became a member of the church we attended.

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What Grade Did God Give You?

The Gospel


Heaven; I would thiPercentnk it fair to say that most people want to be in a good place when they move on to the next life, right? I’m sure you’ve thought about it sometimes. Perhaps we’ve had a loved one who has moved on. Yet, have you ever wondered, How perfect would I have to be for Heaven? Now, I often hear people say something like, “Well, I’m not perfect, nobody is, right?! So I just try the best I can, and besides, God is love!  So, I’m sure I’ll be fine!” However, how certain are you about this? I mean, eternity is a really long time! I do think that this topic deserves some attention because of this fact! Let us make sure we are on track for Heaven!

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Dark Side of Morality

Christian LifeThe Gospel



Good, is a good thing, right? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to encourage everyone t268022096_e52a1c90e6_oo be good? I mean, don’t we all want to live in a society where people have good morals? For I don’t think too many of us want our neighborhoods filled with violence and crime, do we? We find today, that we live in a world where philanthropy is heavily promoted as a good thing. Therefore, those that are philanthropic are seen as good people; that we need more people like them! We find also that many religious people are also propagating morality. As well as parents who are telling their children to, “be good!” We find all kinds of children’s videos and books that are filled with the teachings of morality! How, then, could there be a problem with this? Yet, there most certainly is! Let us explore the dark side of morality…

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Persevere to Be Saved?

Eternal Security



There are two schools of thought on this subject. One says, “Once saved always saved.” The other says, “I must persevere to the end to be saved.” Is it really true that once we are saved that we can never lose our salvation no matter what, or is there such a thing as doing something that will be the cause of losing one’s salvation?  What I would like to do is examine the key verses regarding these thoughts, like the ones found in Matthew 24 and Hebrews 6…

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