Month: September 2016

Rags to Riches!

The Gospel



If you’ve got a heart at all, what would you want to do, if you saw a small child running around in worn out, tattered, dirty clothes? Wouldn’t you say to the child, “Look, I’ll take those soiled clothes and in turn I’ll give you this “top of the line” set of clothes”? I would hope that would be your reaction! As for the child, don’t you think they would be most ecstatic to receive those flashy new clothes? I would certainly think so!


Well, what kind of clothes are you running around in?

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Yes God Does Love YOU!

The Gospel



Have the people of the world let you down? Perhaps, even those who claim to be Christians? Please, don’t let this reflect on God! Still ringing in my ears, are words that I heard spoken by a person I met briefly enough, to hear only these words, “I hate religion, but I love God.” Just think of it, the Pharisees were religious, and they had Jesus crucified! The amazing thing is, He let them do it! But why?

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Facing the Battle

Christian Life



In the Word of G2671689242_7fca56f1f2_ood, many dramatic battles unfold. However, the most well-known of battles, surely must be, David and Goliath! I want to take a moment and paint for us three tremendously different perspectives, with three entirely different outcomes! No question, in life, particularly the Christian life, there are trials of various kinds, some monumental! Yet, how do we react when we’re thrown into the battle? Let us march off to the battle lines and see, shall we?!

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Marriage on the Rocks

Christian Life



It seems no matter where we turn, marriages are falling apart at the seams, even in the church! This, no doubt, has caused a tremendous amount of heartache in many lives! So, what is so different about today, that relationships are so fragile? Let us look at this from several angles and see what we can learn.

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Believe in Jesus?

Christian LifeJesus ChristThe Gospel



There appears to be a lot o2577407550_c8c3ee64a7_bf confusion as to what it means to “believe in Jesus.” Many times the Word of God says something like, “Whoever believes in him [Jesus] should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) Well, the truth is, that this verse is found well into the “book” we are reading! We need to go back, and start in the beginning of the book, in order to understand what such a verse as this means. For often times it is thought, that to believe is not enough. They say, “Well Satan believes in Jesus too!” So also, to simply believe, in order to be saved, is mocked as “easy believism.” So let us examine the “whole story”!

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The Reflection of God’s Glory

Christian LifeThe Gospel



Reflections – people have always been enamoured with them! Ever walked past a lake, the sea, or a river, on some quiet day? If the sun was shining, you will have seen the brightness of its glory being reflected towards you! Yet, no matter how long you gazed at this glorious sight, it couldn’t change one’s appearance. Rather, we were in awe with what we saw!


Well, there is another reflection that many people are occupied with! This reflection is none other than the 10 commandments of God! Yes, we see in it the glory of God Himself, in all His holy perfection!

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