Month: October 2016

Is Christianity Still Relevant?



Sometimes we hear people say something like, “Christianity  is just an archaic myth! It has no more relevancy for our modern day-and-age. Science has long explained away this false religious stuff!” So, is this thinking true, or is there something more to this picture? And what answer do we have in a world so fragile with threats of war, genocide, disasters, and corruption such? Let us explore!

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Is God Prejudiced?

The Gospel


In this present world that we live in, we see a tremendous amount of conflict between people within the realms of colour, religion, and so on. Now, we are talking humanity here. Yet, what about God? Does He look differently at one person over another? Is there equality with God? Oh, we may well have our opinion “sealed and stamped,” but what does God’s Word reveal to us on this?

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Red Sea Deliverance!

Christian LifeThe Gospel



Imagine, you have just come out of the most epic experience in your life! After your people have been enslaved for 400 years, and after dramatic apocalyptic type judgements, at last you and your people are walking away – free! However, as you proceed you are met with the barrier of the Red Sea, and as you’re perplexed as to how you will navigate this obstacle, you notice that the formidable enemy you just escaped from, is closing in behind you! Sheer panic takes a hold of you! Did we gain our freedom only now to die? No, no! The most climatic thing is now to occur! Before you the Red Sea opens, revealing a path of dry ground. As you proceed through to the other side, the terrorizing enemy is held back! Upon reaching the far bank, the waters close over your enemy in one dramatic moment of utter defeat! There you stand – truly free! No more, can the enemy enslave you! His tyranny is ended – forever!



Yet, what does it all mean? What does it mean for us, for you? Let us investigate these profound, liberating truths now!

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Know You Have Eternal Life?

Eternal SecurityThe Gospel



In 1 John 5:1450143122_3de9b19ee0_b3, we read, “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.” I wonder, do you “know that you have eternal life”? Would it not give rest to your soul, just to know for sure? Just to know that it was guaranteed? To know that you would never face the horrific consequences of any of your sins in the Lake of Fire? To have all your fear erased and replaced with a great peace? Well, John the apostle clearly says that this is very much possible! Yet, how can it be so? Let us delve in and have a look!

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The Gospel



Mother says to child, “Don’t walk onto the busy street!” The child pushes back, “I’ll be safe. Watch me!” In plain words, “I know better than you mother!” This is a most dangerous way to live! Yet, are we really any different? When God tells us certain things, and we push back by saying, “Oh no, I’ll be just fine! Then how are we any different?  Are we not saying that we know better than God does, our Creator? The reality is, that we have all rebelled against our holy Creator-God! All of our sin gives credence to this! Yet, we say, “Oh no, I’m a pretty good person! I’ll be fine. God loves us all!” So, is God just a “killjoy”?

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Are You Being Poisoned?

Christian LifeThe Gospel



If someone we14600520_10154606843147386_1034151420_ore to pass you a bottle of water, you wouldn’t hesitate to crack the cap open and have a drink! However, if the person first cracked the lid, how many drops of poison would they have to put in before you would say, “No thanks!”? I suspect, just one! Now, why would you refuse to drink it? Well, obviously, the pure water has become polluted! The whole lot has become poison! So it is, mix a little lie in with the truth, and you got something altogether false! This is a danger we are all exposed to! So how does this concept apply to spiritual matters? Let us see!

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