Month: December 2016

Fiery Trial

Christian Life



“Why me?” “Why does God let this happen to me?” “Doesn’t God care about me?” “Is God punishing me?” Yes, there are many questions people have surrounding their hardships in life! It is so vital that we come up with answers to these things! So let us dig in and see what in the world is going on!

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Born with YOU in mind!



Ever think about for whom it was that Jesus came to
this Earth for? Yes, Jesus came with you, specifically in mind! “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only [begotten] Son…” (John 3:16) Are you a part of this world? Of course! Then Jesus came for you! “For God so loved ____________ [enter your name], that he gave his only [begotten] Son…” Yet, why did God give His Son for you? Why was it necessary for Him to be  born into this world?

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World’s Most Popular Verse

The Gospel



“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only [begotten] Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

It’s amazing how people preach curses, demons, earthquakes, anything – and call it “the gospel.” The word “gospel,” literally means, good news. There can be good news of all sorts but the gospel is good news from God to hopeless, helpless, hell-bound sinners, and it’s about how they can be saved from a Hell they deserve, to a Heaven they don’t.

The gospel message can be laid out in four parts. It has a context, content, a response, and a result. Context is a background information that helps the overall message make sense. We typically won’t embrace a remedy unless we first see that there’s a problem.

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Will I Reach Heaven?

The Gospel


Two swimmers head out to the ocean to compete for a prize! Swimmer one, has not trained and has very little experience swimming. Swimmer two, is a gold medallist in the Olympics! So, what do the two swimmers need to accomplish in order to win the prize? They need to swim around the entire Earth! Impossible, you say? Well, they are both up for the challenge! Swimmer one gets changed into their beach wear and looks out over the pristine waters. Swimmer two, gets dressed into their custom swimming gear and begins to focus and go through the motions before entering the water. Then, both dive in. After a mile or so out to sea, the waves become rougher. Things are getting tougher! A couple more miles, and swimmer one is becoming very exhausted. Swimmer two, is still confident and going strong!

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Broken People

Christian LifeJesus ChristThe Gospel

Hearts shattered by experiences that one can scarcely comprehend! Yes, it is true for people round the Earth. Inside the outer shell of untold millions, are stories so dark, that it would rattle us to the core! Trusts have been broken to smithereens! How is one ever to hope again? How is one ever to trust again? Yet, is it not true, that inside all, throbs the desire to be loved? To be accepted? To be cared about? To be wanted? Indeed, deep inside run strong emotions! Though sometimes the walls have been built so thick, that others don’t have a clue as to how we actually bleed within! Sometimes the broken lash out in anger. Sometimes they’re withdrawn. At other times, drowning ourselves in some addiction or other. And sadly, and too often, that one source of hope that one ought to have, is also gone, the people who call themselves friends, or parents, or grandparents, or – yes – even those who call themselves Christians! Yet, I challenge you to take a moment with me, one who has also been through “tough stuff,” and see that God, in reality, is so much different than people are! So unlike the picture we may have painted in our mind! Indeed, I myself found a friend in Jesus. I found Him to be a friend so distinct from any on Earth! Someone I could trust. Someone I could talk to. Someone who would listen. Someone who honestly cared. Someone who had demonstrated that He loved me! Someone who loved me despite my faults. Someone who was not a fair weather friend. Someone who wouldn’t betray me. I ask, don’t you want to know Him?

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Christian LifeThe Gospel


Apostasy, do we r7387010994_5424bc009a_beally know what it means? Is it something we need to fear? Well, it certainly is a very present danger, and we ought to pay attention to the warnings laid out in the Word of God that are placed there for our own good! Yet, what about for Christians, do we need to dread apostasy? Is it possible that “I” could “fall away” and become lost forever, or do these things apply to a whole other group of people? These types of questions are good, and deserve to be properly answered from God’s Word! So let’s go take a look…

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