Month: January 2017

The Law Still a Mirror?

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Ever told a child to go wash up because they got a dirty face? And then have the child retort, “No I don’t!”? Well, what was done to prove to the child that they indeed did have a mucky face? A mirror of course! So, it was with people. People didn’t understand that they were sin-stained beyond human remedy. They didn’t understand the depth of their problem! They didn’t comprehend that the reason they were so marred with sins, is because they were sinners! Therefore God brought in the mirror of the Law, the 10 commandments, to show that people were sinners. As sinners, they were estranged from God, separated, because they were sinners who sin. So what could possibly be the remedy, the solution for such an awful state? Well, there is! Let us take a look…

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Meeting Requirements for Heaven

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Have you ticked all the boxes to make sure you’ll be in Heaven, that God requires of you? We know that if you wanted to be a pilot, for example, that it is a long arduous ordeal to get to be an airline pilot! There is the ground training. Followed by hands on learning. Then you have a long process of different ratings to meet. One must have so and so many hours of flight time. Then too, one must meet certain health tests. One must never be under the influence of alcohol, and so on. This is what we as people have come to expect when one wants a certain career! Now, if God, the most supreme being of all; the one who is perfect in every way, is putting out an invitation to come to His holy Heaven…well, the requirements must have to be the most staggering one has ever beheld! Shall we take a look?

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The Biggest Miracle?

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Let us get this picture clear in our minds. Imagine being a farmer. Not just this, but envision the whole Earth as a field. Still further, visualize that you can see the entire Earth at once. As you scan its vastness, you realize all you can see, is an unending sea of weeds. Weeds!? Now, this is not what any farmer wants to see! Do you not think that any and every farmer would put a match to the whole lot and let it all burn in a massive inferno? Surely! Yet, we will witness someone who has a very different approach. Of course, I’m talking about humanity here…

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Who hasn’t watched a movie, right? Nice to just sit down and relax, have some nice snacks and drinks and just chill! Isn’t it wonderful to have some family time, or maybe go on a date with your spouse? Well, not so fast there! We must ask ourselves, is this the will of God for us? Oh, I know, it’s not real! It’s just a story, or is it? We need to take a look…

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Search Light

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You’re hiding in the dark. They are looking for you. Then, suddenly, someone turns on a spotlight, and the darkness is illuminated like a sunbeam! Terror grips you, as you realize that you’ve been exposed! No longer are you able to hide among the trees! So it was with Adam & Eve. They had sinned. They knew they had done wrong and felt guilty. Yet, they hoped they could cover-up the crime and hide from the One to whom they were accountable! Then God turned on the search light! All their feeble attempts, all their conniving and planning, came to not!

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