Month: April 2017

Is Judgement Coming?

The Gospel

Today it has become vogue to say, “God won’t judge us. Hell is not real. Heaven is not real. This Earth is our Heaven!” Yet, is this type of message true, or is this deja vu? Is all going to turn out good in the end for everyone? Serious questions, for serious times! Let’s discover the truth!

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Does God Love Me?

The Gospel


In today’s world, we are told, “We are too intelligent. God is old-fashioned. Let us have fun!” Therefore, the world turns away from God and pursues it own lusts! Then, when the world falls apart all around us, we wonder why? Wars, fightings, crime, rape, addictions, divorce, corruption, suicides, gangs, bullying, and the list goes on. Yes, Satan has fooled the world into thinking that “God is dead”! That He is irrelevant, if He even exists at all! Satan, the “father of lies,” the one that has come to “steal, and kill, and destroy,” still has the  same old tricks up his diabolical sleeve! (John 10:10)

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Why is Jesus Called Savior?

The Gospel


Very simply, a saviour is someone who saves others! A lifeguard, firefighter, doctor, and police officer, could all be called saviours! However, when we turn over to what God says, it becomes readily clear that we need a saviour of an altogether different calibre!


For those of us who are honest, we’ll admit that we are sinners, cut off from God because of our sinfulness. Quite plainly, we need a saviour, someone to rescue us! Yes – hell bound, but who will save us that we may become citizens of Heaven? Which/whom of these will be your  saviour?



I ask, which of these does the Bible call our Saviour?

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The Gospel

Suddenly, fire alarms ring out! Smoke begins to fill the building you’re in! People are shouting and panicking! Everyone is desperately searching for an “EXIT” sign!

Yes, that is the natural instinct to danger! In fact, it is required in most places that there are “EXITS” for escape! And, with God it is no different!

You see, we, as humanity, have put ourselves in danger. We have put ourselves in harm’s way! We have rebelled against God! We want to do our own thing, in our own way! However, by doing so, we have cut ourselves off from the life-source. It’s like being inside the Titanic, or other ship, we may be having a great time, but not realizing, or possibly caring, about the danger we are in, until it is too late!

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Cheap Grace?

Christian LifeThe Gospel


Sometimes the  accusation is levelled that those who believe, “Once saved. Always saved,”have “cheap grace.” By this they mean that there is no cost to the believer. That there is nothing they have to do for it. That no “turning from sin,” no ongoing confessions, no obedience, is required for salvation. Let us examine then, if this allegation is true or false!

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