Month: September 2017

How to Gain Heaven?

The Gospel



How can I go to Heaven? This is the question we want to address today! We could further ask, Just how good, is good enough, to enter Heaven? What’s it take? What is it that God requires? What will God say when He opens the books in respect to your life? What will your history look like? How will it read? Are you comfortable with that? What do you think God, who is perfectly holy, will say to you? What judgement will He give to you? Listen, I want the absolute best outcome possible for you, and that is why I’m taking the time to address you today! So let us see the marvellous message God has for you now!

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Why Hurricanes and Disasters?

The Gospel


Social media and the news are filled with reports with respect to catastrophic hurricanes, threats of war, political prophecies, wildfires, floods, alignments of planets, moons, and all kinds of other accounts that make many anxious! At the same time, many claim that these cataclysmic events are  God’s judgement. That the end-times are upon us! Is this all just hype and scare-tactics? We could truly ask, what in the world is going on! Let us seek to make sense of these things now.

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Who is Jesus?

Jesus Christ


Some say Jesus was  only a good man. Others say He is God. Still others say He was but a prophet. I ask then, who did Jesus claim to be? What say the Scriptures? What says the Torah? The claims of who Jesus is are absolutely vital! Let us make a careful search as to the things respecting Jesus Christ.

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Why Law and Grace?

Christian LifeThe Gospel


So often Law and grace are pitted against each other! Yet, both come from God. So, just how does all this work? Am I to obey the Law? Does sin matter if grace is the answer? Then again, could it be that we are to balance law and grace? Indeed there is a correct answer, so let us dig into this and sort it all out!

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