Month: February 2018

The Avenger of Blood




Then it happened! Putting a little extra behind that axe swing, the head went flying, striking the co-worker dead! Though unintentional, knowing straight away the danger from the avenger of blood, tucking the robe in, ran for the city of refuge! Once in a while, taking a backward glance, anxiously hoping the avenger of blood was nowhere in sight! Coming round the bend, what a relief, the city of safety was in sight! Just a few more heart-pounding strides and safety from the pursuant would be a reality!


Yes, know it or not, we have all been in this man’s predicament! However, have we truly understood what it means for us? Have we honestly comprehended the urgency of it? See why it’s so urgent…

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The Cross and You



The cross is intensely personal! Have you contemplated just what it means for you? How did it come to be that someone, absolutely innocent, died a notorious criminal’s death? Yes, this jarring event, directly involved you! See how…


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God’s Holiness and Us




Sure, God is holy, but how big a deal is that? I mean, isn’t God ultimately a God of love? Wouldn’t He overlook the bad, as long as we tried to be pretty good people? How then, I ask, do many of us learn best? Visually, right?! Then let us take a look, as God gets out His “canvas and begins to paint,” using impressive visual displays, so that we can learn the most vital of messages! Let us now see what God is “painting”…

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