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Know You Have Eternal Life?

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In 1 John 5:1450143122_3de9b19ee0_b3, we read, “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.” I wonder, do you “know that you have eternal life”? Would it not give rest to your soul, just to know for sure? Just to know that it was guaranteed? To know that you would never face the horrific consequences of any of your sins in the Lake of Fire? To have all your fear erased and replaced with a great peace? Well, John the apostle clearly says that this is very much possible! Yet, how can it be so? Let us delve in and have a look!

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The Able Shepherd

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Not all of us have had the opportunity to watch how a shepherd watches over their sheep. Think of it, though. Whose job is it to keep the sheep safe? Is it up to the sheep to steer clear of crags, thorn bushes, fierce animals, to find green pastures, and quiet waters to drink from, or is it up to the shepherd? Well, it is the shepherd who is responsible to watch over the sheep. It is the shepherd that is to care for them and provide what is needed. Let us then think about another, the greatest Shepherd. A Shepherd who watches over His own sheep.

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Persevere to Be Saved?

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There are two schools of thought on this subject. One says, “Once saved always saved.” The other says, “I must persevere to the end to be saved.” Is it really true that once we are saved that we can never lose our salvation no matter what, or is there such a thing as doing something that will be the cause of losing one’s salvation?  What I would like to do is examine the key verses regarding these thoughts, like the ones found in Matthew 24 and Hebrews 6…

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Is Jesus Enough?

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What are You Counting on?


Imagine fo2710061302_3fcc29260c_zr a moment, that I came to your place for a visit. As I stepped into your place, you would be rather shocked to find that not only was I wearing a hat, but I was carrying a hammer with several nails! Somewhat alarmed, you would say, “What do you want in here with that!” Oh, I would say, I don’t trust the hook you have for my hat! So I brought a hammer and a few nails to hammer in beside the hook, just to make sure that my hat will be secure! You would reply, “But sir, my hook is large and well secured!” No matter, I would argue, I just want to make certain that it will not fall!


How do you feel about your future? Are you 100% assured that you will enter God’s holy Heaven? Might it be that you are using the “hammer and nails” approach in your spiritual life? Please take a few minutes and read how your life can be free from pounding in all these “nails,” and feel completely secure spiritually!

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