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My Substitute Teacher; A Bible Story For Children

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Mia’s Teachers

“Mrs. Ziegler is my favorite teacher!” Mia excitedly told her Aunt Jana one day.

“Why is that?” asked h250121658_24dc898062_zer aunt.

“Well, you see, she always treats us so nice and does fun things with us!” replied Mia.

However, one day when Mia arrived at school, she found that her teacher was not there. Instead, there was a different teacher – a substitute teacher! Mia wanted to cry, but she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of her classmates. Mia was very sad.

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All I Wanted Was Some Toast; Jesus Lives In Me

Christian LifeFor Children

Rich in Jesus

a big problem!

My eyes were still closed as the sun’s rays began to peak through my window. Then suddenly, the thought struck my yet sleepy mind – mom made strawberry jam last night! Just like that, I was wide awake! I stuck my toes in my fluffy bunny slippers and dashed down the stairs to get out a deep red jar of freshly made jam! Oh, how good this was going to be on my toast!4847603404_b2ae6e1850_z

I slipped two slices of bread out from the bag and eagerly placed them in the toaster! Then I pushed down the lever and waited. I put my plate on the table, a knife, and a glass of milk. After a few minutes I went to check on my toast – it was still white. I waited some more and still it was white. I waited a really, really long time, and still it was white! What was wrong?! I thought, surely the toaster must be broken. For the bread ought to be nice and brown by now! Oh, I wanted my toast so bad with mom’s fresh strawberry jam! I could just about taste its sweetness on my eager little tongue! But, it mattered not how long I waited – nothing happened. No, nothing at all!

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Ashley’s Strawberry Story; The Lamb of God

For ChildrenThe Gospel

This is a story about a little girl called Ashley. Now Ashley lived at home with her mommy. While her daddy went to work building houses.8664928657_496ee33e2c_z Ashley’s parents loved her very, very much. They gave her lots of toys and books to play with. They even enrolled her in swimming lessons! Her mommy would cook her good food to eat, too! Ashley and her mommy spent lots of time playing together and sometimes they would play silly games! However, there were lots of times when Ashley would do naughty things that her parents told her she was not allowed to do. Then Ashley would have to stand in the corner or sit on a chair. Ashley did not like that! Yet there was one day when something very different happened. Let’s see what happened!

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