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Who hasn’t watched a movie, right? Nice to just sit down and relax, have some nice snacks and drinks and just chill! Isn’t it wonderful to have some family time, or maybe go on a date with your spouse? Well, not so fast there! We must ask ourselves, is this the will of God for us? Oh, I know, it’s not real! It’s just a story, or is it? We need to take a look…

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Firing Squad; God’s Love for You

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A Father’s Love

Set in 1739, a large wooden ship, with sails bellowing in the icy wind, battles against the raging sea, having its sights set on the hope of finding new land! Aboard is a crew of 8 men, all veterans of the sea. This time however they are making a dangerous voyage across the ocean in unfamiliar seas, hoping against odds that they’ll discover new land!

Days grow into weeks, and weeks into months, as the weary men carry on their mission, sanctioned by the king himself! Supplies beginning to grow scarce; each man is given a daily ration of food. However, each man is careful not to get into any skirmish, as they need to work as a team if they are to succeed. The floors have to be scrubbed, the sails kept in good shape. Every man has his assigned task.

A year and nine days have gone by, and still no sight of land. The captain calls over his lead men and says, “We must break into the emergency stock; we have no food left. At least that should give us another month, but we must find land soon!”

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