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They Didn’t Want Me




It is the time of year were many are in a festive mood celebrating Christmas! Yet, I want us to stop and think about a certain someone. I begin by asking, ever been rejected by someone? I’m sure we all have. Not a nice feeling is it? Yet, there is somebody in specific I want to mention. Somebody who has, and still, receives a lot of undeserved hate! Someone who has faced a lot of rejection, and yet receives all who come!

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The World’s Problems Solution

The Gospel


Arguing. Fights. Drugs. Gangs. Rape. Hate. Deception. Lies. Porn. Corruption. Murder. Torture. Wars. Theft. Disease. Disasters. Accidents. Famine. Earthquakes. Death. Yes, this world is filled with problems! Our own lives have problems too. Yet, why is it so, and what, if any, solution is there?

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Born with YOU in mind!



Ever think about for whom it was that Jesus came to
this Earth for? Yes, Jesus came with you, specifically in mind! “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only [begotten] Son…” (John 3:16) Are you a part of this world? Of course! Then Jesus came for you! “For God so loved ____________ [enter your name], that he gave his only [begotten] Son…” Yet, why did God give His Son for you? Why was it necessary for Him to be  born into this world?

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