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Meet You in Heaven?

The Gospel



Where will you be in 90 years from now? If we think about it, we have approximately 7.6 billion people on planet Earth right now, and in 90 years or so, none of these people will live here any longer! Life is so short! Even if we live to be 120, what is that compared to the billions of years that follow our little existence down here?! Question is, are we prepared to step into eternity? Where will we exist for eternity? Is it really worth it to live as one pleases on Earth now, only to pay for it throughout eternity? Would it not seem wise to make absolutely certain that we are prepared for what lies beyond our few days here below? Would it not seem astute to thoroughly research what, if anything, is the reality beyond our life on this planet? Then, if necessary, to make 100% sure that things will turn out for the best possible outcome for us? It sure would to me!  

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Does God Love Me?

The Gospel


In today’s world, we are told, “We are too intelligent. God is old-fashioned. Let us have fun!” Therefore, the world turns away from God and pursues it own lusts! Then, when the world falls apart all around us, we wonder why? Wars, fightings, crime, rape, addictions, divorce, corruption, suicides, gangs, bullying, and the list goes on. Yes, Satan has fooled the world into thinking that “God is dead”! That He is irrelevant, if He even exists at all! Satan, the “father of lies,” the one that has come to “steal, and kill, and destroy,” still has the  same old tricks up his diabolical sleeve! (John 10:10)

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Is Christianity Still Relevant?



Sometimes we hear people say something like, “Christianity  is just an archaic myth! It has no more relevancy for our modern day-and-age. Science has long explained away this false religious stuff!” So, is this thinking true, or is there something more to this picture? And what answer do we have in a world so fragile with threats of war, genocide, disasters, and corruption such? Let us explore!

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Which Religion is Right?

The Gospel


With an estimated 4,200 religions in 6170496511_0a3b07b582_zthe world1, how are we ever to figure out the right one? Then again, maybe they are all right, it just being a matter of all roads ending up at the same destination? Then too, we find that an amazing 84% of the Earth’s population belongs to some religion or another 2. That means over 6.1 billion people in the world are religious! These kinds of numbers are rather hard to ignore! Could it be that over 84% of the world’s population is delusional? Surely, there must be something to these numbers!

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