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The False Prosperity Gospel




We all need hope. When hope slips away, we crumble. Yet, is the “prosperity gospel” giving us real hope, or just a mirage that can never quench one’s thirst? We have here a movement born out of the “New Thought Movement,” begun in the 19th century. Let us examine this worldwide popular movement of “the prosperity gospel.”

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Lies Preachers Preach

Christian LifeThe Gospel



How crafty Satan is! What better way, than to infiltrate the church, and place his workers there disguised as pastors and such like! Dress them up in suits and ties, and suddenly people are disposed to listen to what they have to say! Wrap up the poison in a lathering of Bible verses, and many more are apt to accept the lies being subtly presented! So, what are these lies preachers preach? Let’s see!

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Just Facts?

The Gospel



Discussions, arguments, debates – who hasn’t been a part of them?! Yet, even if my theology is correct, will that save me? I want us to give this some serious thought, because I fear that many of us haven’t realized the pitfall in this!


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