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Free For You!

The Gospel



It cost God His only begotten Son to purchase salvation for you! Will you receive this free gift from God, to you?

We all know that we’re not perfect. We all know deep down that we are not perfectly holy as God is. We all fail in some way. How much better off we would be to just let go of all the tension inside and admit to God that, “I fail. I can’t live up to your perfect standard of holiness, God. Please save me!” And then believe that He does just that!

For all our – your – sin was heaped upon the Saviour, as He hung upon the dreadful cross. For, “The LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.” (Isaiah 53:6) For God is holy, and therefore must punish sin. Otherwise He would not be just. Yet, seeing Christ took the punishment, God is, “Just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.” (Romans 3:26)

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No Rejects!

The Gospel



Most of us will likely already have learned that this world is a cruel place to live! Terms like, “peer-pressure,” “hazing,” “ostracization,” besides many others, give a clear indicator of how brutal society can be to one! Yet, every human being has a yearning to be accepted. People don’t like to feel “unloved,” “unwanted,” or worse yet. People want to be loved, cared about, and accepted.


Thankfully, there is a God who loves us beyond what even that of any human being could! A God who loves all people, no matter the demographic! It doesn’t matter what your skin colour is. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, old or young, healthy or ill, or what gender you are. It doesn’t matter what country, people, or group you identify with. It is simply recorded, “For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16) “World,” being a term referring to all “humanity.”

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About to Kill Himself

The Gospel



The earth shook, the walls quaked, and the poor jailer’s heart nearly stopped! An earthquake had rattled the prison wherein Paul and Silas had been chained. The quake ha3875753688_84272d5854_bd been so severe that the doors of the prisons had come undone and the prisoners had become freed! Now, the jailer knew full well, if the prisoners had indeed escaped, as he thought, that he would be hauled in front of the law, be humiliated and then executed. Therefore, “He drew his sword and was about to kill himself, supposing that the prisoners had escaped.” (Acts 16:27) Then…

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Who Jesus The Messiah Is and How He Changed My Life

Jesus ChristMy TestimonyThe Gospel


I grew up in a typical “Christian” environment. I thought I was a Christian, but I was a hypocrite! I said I loved God, but I hated my fellow man. As a child I was mistreated and it made me an angry person! My thoughts reeled with visions of revenge. I wanted to even the score! Oh, I put on a “nice face,” but it was only a thin veil for a hate-filled heart within. Yes, I read my Bible, I prayed, and I went to church, but it didn’t affect my life. I was a two-faced hypocrite!

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Wanting Heaven?

The Gospel

Ever wonder how you can know that you can go to Heaven when life’s journey is over? Do you ever think about how good you would have to be to enter God’s Heaven? Does this thought ever cross y11501528874_b57b02d9cd_zour mind, “Have I done enough good?” Or, perhaps your thinking goes something like this, “I’m such a bad person. If God knows all I’ve done, I don’t have a chance!” On the other hand, you may confidently say, “I’m a pretty good person, God will let me in already. No problem!” Now, just wait a sec! Don’t you think we should see what God the owner of Heaven has to say? Let’s take a look…

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