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God Loves You Anyway!

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Think of this, that from eternity past, God knew all about you. He knew where you would be born. He knew what your name would be. Yes, and He also knew all the sinful things you would do. He knew all the things you would say against Him. Indeed, He even knew that in our pride, that some of us would try to obey our way into Heaven, and that some of us would want nothing to do with Him at all! Yet, despite all this, God gave up His beloved Son in whom He delighted to the cross! Indeed, Jesus willingly gave Himself to the gruesome death upon a cross for you in light of all this! There He willingly took the wrath of God for your sin – all of it! With a certainty, this is love of the highest calibre! For scarcely will a person lay down their lives for a nice person, but Jesus laid down His life for rebellious sinners like us! This is nothing less than amazing grace!

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The Greatest Love Ever!

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Imagine, the tender heart of the Savior, reaching into the lives of so many, as He walked this Earth! His hands reaching out and touching the untouchables – lepers! Just the thought of it, “Jesus wept,” as His heart went out to those who had just lost their loved one! (John 11:35) Think of all those whom He healed, fed, and showed compassion toward! And yet, this One – the sinless One, they took and nailed His hands and feet to a cross as a criminal! Yes, and He has compassion on you too, for He died on that cruel cross for you! Imagine such love! Yet, what does it all mean? What does it mean for you?

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Just a Woman?

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The disciples had just made the dusty journey to go and buy some food and were on the way back to Jesus. It was midday, and the sun must have been causing streams of sweat to course their way down their faces! As they got nearer, their eyes squinting to see if they really saw right, was Jesus really talking with a woman, and a Samaritan woman at  that?! “Just then his disciples came back. They marveled that he was talking to a woman, but no one said, What do you seek? Or, Why are you talking with her?” (John 4:27)

On another occasion. “While…in the house of Simon the leper…a woman came with an alabaster flask of ointment of pure nard, very costly, and she broke the flask and poured it over his head. There were some who said to themselves indignantly, Why was the ointment wasted like that?” (Mark 14:3-4)


On yet another incident. “A Canaanite woman from the region came out and was crying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David…and the disciples came and begged him, saying, Send her away, for she is crying out after us.” (Matthew 15:22-23)

So, what about Jesus?

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Yes God Does Love YOU!

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Have the people of the world let you down? Perhaps, even those who claim to be Christians? Please, don’t let this reflect on God! Still ringing in my ears, are words that I heard spoken by a person I met briefly enough, to hear only these words, “I hate religion, but I love God.” Just think of it, the Pharisees were religious, and they had Jesus crucified! The amazing thing is, He let them do it! But why?

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Words of Comfort

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The tough reality is that we don’t live in a very nice world! Things happen that can really be a challenge to our system! Relationsh5691334593_986de7cc8b_oips aren’t always as we envisioned them to be. Our health can suddenly take a turn for the worse. Our safety could be in jeopardy. For some, things can get downright ugly! Yet, amidst all this chaos, Jesus makes us this offer, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:28-29) Isn’t this wonderful? “Rest,” offered by One who says that He is “gentle and lowly in heart.” I wonder, have you found “rest” in your life? Or are you struggling along, trying desperately to hold it all together? Let us now see how we too, can have “rest.”

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Woman Caught in Adultery Freed by Jesus

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In An Adulterous’ Shoes


Think of the woman who was caught in the act. What do you think she felt like? What would you feel like? Here a group of religious zealots descend upon her. They’re all pointing their accusing fingers at her, and hollering, “You’re gonna die for your10626326285_6740cbfb3d_z sin now, you wicked woman! We’re bringing you to Jesus now!” Just imagine, here you’re being hustled along by a bunch of men, determined to use you to put Jesus to the test, in order that they might point the finger at Him too! You know that you’re guilty! There’s no arguing what you’ve done. You’re hanging your head in shame, fearing what the outcome of this is going to be. Will they stone me to death? What will Jesus say? All these thoughts are pouring through your mind, as you’re led off to meet Jesus. Finally, they place you in a throng of people – before Jesus. You’ve just become the spectacle in the crowd! All eyes are fixed on you. Your “dirty little secret,” has just been made public! What will the verdict be? Will you be sentenced to death by stoning, or not? What will Jesus say? For, according “to the Law Moses” would say  “to stone such women.” (John 8:5)

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Firing Squad; God’s Love for You

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A Father’s Love

Set in 1739, a large wooden ship, with sails bellowing in the icy wind, battles against the raging sea, having its sights set on the hope of finding new land! Aboard is a crew of 8 men, all veterans of the sea. This time however they are making a dangerous voyage across the ocean in unfamiliar seas, hoping against odds that they’ll discover new land!

Days grow into weeks, and weeks into months, as the weary men carry on their mission, sanctioned by the king himself! Supplies beginning to grow scarce; each man is given a daily ration of food. However, each man is careful not to get into any skirmish, as they need to work as a team if they are to succeed. The floors have to be scrubbed, the sails kept in good shape. Every man has his assigned task.

A year and nine days have gone by, and still no sight of land. The captain calls over his lead men and says, “We must break into the emergency stock; we have no food left. At least that should give us another month, but we must find land soon!”

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