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Stone Throwers




The religious crowd can be so ruthless! Remember the woman caught in adultery? Here the religious mob had dragged her before Christ. In their mind, they had caught a sinner, a sinner who deserved to die for her sin! Now, it is not that they were wrong, but the hypocrisy in it all is that they were sinners too! They also deserved to die for their sins! When Jesus exposed them for their hypocrisy, they departed one by one, from the youngest to the oldest!

Yes, today we still have religious people who are all too eager to “throw stones.” Yet, all the while living in sin themselves! Oh, how many haven’t suffered at the hands of the religious ones! Perhaps, you also have been the victim of their hard-heartedness?

Yet, we see that Jesus didn’t come to “throw stones,” that is “to condemn,” but rather that the people may be “saved”! In fact, Jesus allowed them to “throw stones” at Him in order to save us from our sins – from their consequences! Yes, Jesus died on the cross, having been handed over by the religious leaders! It was these that incited the crowds to call for his crucifixion! Yes, indeed, religion stands against the gospel of grace! Remarkably, religion stands for “self-righteousness”! It has an air of, “I am holier than thou”! On the hand, the grace of God reaches down to where we haven been cast down in the ditch, and unlike the religious ones, stops and has compassion on the one cast down and left half dead!

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Religion’s Fear Factor!




Fear is a strong factor! It can keep us from doing many things! Fear of heights will keep us on the ground! Fear of needles can keep us from getting much-needed medical attention. Fear of being beaten can keep us from certain parts of town! Fear can control people. The question is, are you being controlled by fear in the religious realm?


I want us to grab a hold of how religious leaders from many different beliefs, use fear to control the people in them. I want us to see that it is not isolated religions that use this tactic, but that it is a common, widespread practice! Then, I also want us to make the contrast with what is written in the Word of God.

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I Was Sitting On Death Row

My Testimony



There was a man, who was clearly under the control of the evil one, whom Jesus liberated. When this fellow begged to go with Jesus, Jesus responded, “Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you. And he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him.” (Luke 8:39) This is my objective also, with this post.

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World’s Biggest Scam


Billions Affected by Scam


Imagine – the most enormous, well orchestrated scam in the universe…No, it is not a financial scam. Neither is it a political scam. Yet, it is a scam that has affected humanity250233963_ba146d059c_b from its outset and still does today! It involves in particular, one lie. This lie has been the respecter of no border, no people group, or culture. It has pervaded every corner of our planet! Billions upon billions of people have bought into this mega scam! So, what is this scam, you wonder?  Well, let’s take a look…

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Woman Caught in Adultery Freed by Jesus

The Gospel



In An Adulterous’ Shoes


Think of the woman who was caught in the act. What do you think she felt like? What would you feel like? Here a group of religious zealots descend upon her. They’re all pointing their accusing fingers at her, and hollering, “You’re gonna die for your10626326285_6740cbfb3d_z sin now, you wicked woman! We’re bringing you to Jesus now!” Just imagine, here you’re being hustled along by a bunch of men, determined to use you to put Jesus to the test, in order that they might point the finger at Him too! You know that you’re guilty! There’s no arguing what you’ve done. You’re hanging your head in shame, fearing what the outcome of this is going to be. Will they stone me to death? What will Jesus say? All these thoughts are pouring through your mind, as you’re led off to meet Jesus. Finally, they place you in a throng of people – before Jesus. You’ve just become the spectacle in the crowd! All eyes are fixed on you. Your “dirty little secret,” has just been made public! What will the verdict be, will you be sentenced to death by stoning, or not? What will Jesus say? For, according “to the Law Moses” would say  “to stone such women.” (John 8:5)

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How to Know Which Religion is The Correct One?

The Gospel


With an estimated 4,200 religions in 6170496511_0a3b07b582_zthe world1, how are we ever to figure out the right one? Then again, maybe they are all right, it just being a matter of all roads ending up at the same destination? Then too, we find that an amazing 84% of the Earth’s population belongs to some religion or another 2. That means over 6.1 billion people in the world are religious! These kind of numbers are rather hard to ignore! Could it be that over 84% of the world’s population is delusional? Surely, there must be something to these numbers!

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My Personal Testimony

My Testimony

How I Got Saved

My Background

I grew up in a religious home where it was normal to go to Sunday School and church. It was normal to see people praying and reading their Bible. The people in my family, were what most people would refer to as “good.” They didn’t drink alcohol, go to bars, smoke, swear, and so on.

The cultuVicre I grew up in was an Evangelical Mennonite culture. I know Mennonites are very different from one group to another! The group I belonged to did not live on a colony or practice a particular dress-code. In fact, we were relatively modern in our way of life!

As to myself personally, I adhered to the religious beliefs I grew up with. I regularly attended Sunday School and church. I was consistent in reading my Bible and praying. Every night before going to bed, I would confess all my sins to God, asking Him to forgive me of my sins. I was even baptised at the age of 15. I also tried to the best of my abilities to be good, as I was taught. You could say, I was very religious!

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Firing Squad; God’s Love for You

For teensThe Gospel


A Father’s Love

Set in 1739, a large wooden ship, with sails bellowing in the icy wind, battles against the raging sea, having its sights set on the hope of finding new land! Aboard is a crew of 8 men, all veterans of the sea. This time however they are making a dangerous voyage across the ocean in unfamiliar seas, hoping against odds that they’ll discover new land!

Days grow into weeks, and weeks into months, as the weary men carry on their mission, sanctioned by the king himself! Supplies beginning to grow scarce; each man is given a daily ration of food. However, each man is careful not to get into any skirmish, as they need to work as a team if they are to succeed. The floors have to be scrubbed, the sails kept in good shape. Every man has his assigned task.

A year and nine days have gone by, and still no sight of land. The captain calls over his lead men and says, “We must break into the emergency stock; we have no food left. At least that should give us another month, but we must find land soon!”

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