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God’s Holiness and Us




Sure, God is holy, but how big a deal is that? I mean, isn’t God ultimately a God of love? Wouldn’t He overlook the bad, as long as we tried to be pretty good people? How then, I ask, do many of us learn best? Visually, right?! Then let us take a look, as God gets out His “canvas and begins to paint,” using impressive visual displays, so that we can learn the most vital of messages! Let us now see what God is “painting”…

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Wanting Heaven?

The Gospel

Ever wonder how you can know that you can go to Heaven when life’s journey is over? Do you ever think about how good you would have to be to enter God’s Heaven? Does this thought ever cross y11501528874_b57b02d9cd_zour mind, “Have I done enough good?” Or, perhaps your thinking goes something like this, “I’m such a bad person. If God knows all I’ve done, I don’t have a chance!” On the other hand, you may confidently say, “I’m a pretty good person, God will let me in already. No problem!” Now, just wait a sec! Don’t you think we should see what God the owner of Heaven has to say? Let’s take a look…

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